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Make money from Facebook smart and exclusive ways

 Make money from Facebook smart and exclusive ways

Since its inception in 2004, users have been looking for ways to profit from Facebook, but in reality, the concept of profit from Facebook has been an implicit concept for many years, that is, there is no direct way to profit from Facebook. .

The idea of ​​leveraging Facebook mainly stems from the potential and marketing opportunities that can be achieved through it. Not everything changed since then until the Audience Network came out in 2014.

Make money from Facebook smart and exclusive ways

In fact, in addition to the many other indirect methods that mainly rely on the marketing power of Facebook (that is, as a source of visitors), there are now many ways to profit directly from Facebook (that is, you will directly benefit from Facebook).

In this article, I'll show you over ten different ways to monetize Facebook so in the next few minutes I'd like to get your attention, because the topic is really worth your time and it might change you completely.

The most important way to profit from Facebook 

Facebook is the third largest website on the Internet in the world, and it is one of the great advertising platforms that no company can ignore. In fact, this creates huge marketing opportunities for every business owner and thus creates profit opportunities for many companies.

In fact, a huge entity like Facebook is not only content with being on the throne of social media, but in the past few years, it has expanded its services and professional fields, and this in fact has created amazing profit opportunities for everyone who is smart enough to take advantage of what Facebook has to offer.

It should be noted here that most of the methods of profit from Facebook, whether direct or indirect, require a Facebook page to achieve.

First, the Facebook Direct Earning Method 

In this part, we will introduce a set of relatively straightforward and modern methods with which you can directly get benefits from Facebook.

1- Investing Facebook through video :

Now, Facebook video publishers can sign up for ad slides and monetize their videos by placing ads on them. The profit from Facebook videos is almost the same as from YouTube videos.

How it works is as follows: Every Facebook page owner who uploads a video clip and shares it with followers can participate in an advertising program called "Ad Interrupt" provided by Facebook, through which ads are placed on the video.

Of course, Facebook took advantage of these ads and shared a portion of the profit with the owner of the video, so Facebook video owners could benefit from their videos.

In fact, it's not entirely simple. Facebook has imposed some conditions that must apply to you as the owner of the page in order to start monetizing the videos you post on the page.

Here is a list of the conditions for monetizing Facebook videos :

1- The video must be published from the Facebook page and not from a personal account.

2- This page must have at least 10,000 followers.

3- Profit from Facebook Videos should be available in your country / region and the language in which the video was posted. 

Unfortunately, as of now, not all languages ​​can be used to take advantage of Facebook videos in all countries and regions, but according to Facebook, more languages ​​and countries will be included over time.

It should be noted that Arabic is one of the latest added languages, but so far not all Arab countries have made profits. You can see the list of languages ​​and countries that you can profit from Facebook videos via the following link:

List of languages ​​and countries : Here 

4- In the past 60 days, you must have 30,000 views for a duration of at least 1 minute, and the video to get these views must be at least 3 minutes.

5- You must meet the eligibility criteria for profit. Eligibility criteria refer to a set of conditions and criteria for the video content itself, which you can view through the link below : Here 

If the conditions for monetizing Facebook through videos apply to you, you can start from the link below: Here 

2- Earn money from Facebook via the application :

In April 2014, Facebook expanded the subscription scope of its advertising company Audience Network, and every smartphone app owner can take advantage of it.

If you have an Android or IOS smartphone app, you can register with members of the Facebook Audience Network, then place ads on the app so you can take advantage of these ads.

If you have an app and want to monetize Facebook, you can start from the following link: Here 

3- Investing Facebook through instant games :

If you use Facebook, you may have used it to play instant games before, or you may have noticed ads appearing when you play these games.

If you have the skills to design and program games, and you have a wealth of knowledge of HTML 5 programming language, then you are eligible to win from Facebook through online games.

You can start designing and developing a simple game, add it to your Facebook instant games list, then Facebook place ads on it and start monetizing it.

If you are interested in this way to earn from Facebook, you can start from the following link: Here 

4- Monetize Facebook with instant articles :

Slow internet is a problem plagued by many internet users around the world, and as a measure from Facebook to help solve this problem, it invented a new article opening technology called "instant articles".

With this technology, Facebook users can open the articles shared from the site instantly, and as soon as they click on the article link on Facebook, it will open directly in front of the user.

The great thing is that Facebook allows website owners to use this technology completely free of charge through a simple set of settings applied to the site.

In fact, this is not only a service provided by Facebook, but it also allows website owners to monetize their instant articles. To ensure that the terms of online articles apply to your website, please visit the "Article review criteria" page. Here

You can start making money from Facebook through online articles at the following link: Hrer 

Note: Facebook is monetized through videos, apps, instant articles, and online games through Facebook's audience network, with which you can create and apply ad units, track revenue reports, and ultimately generate revenue.

In short, Audience Network is a subsidiary of Facebook, very similar to Google Adsense, which is a subsidiary of Google.

5- Earn money from Facebook via Facebook Marketplace : 

Now, all Facebook users can show their products to other users through the excellent service provided by Facebook Facebook Marketplace to sell them to other users. In short, this service allows everyone to add their own products based on geographical distribution to appear in front of other users.

With the Facebook Marketplace, product owners and buyers communicate via Facebook Messenger, reach all agreements, realize the sale, and then make profits for product owners.

How to profit from Facebook

Second: the indirect profit method from Facebook 

As mentioned earlier, the method of indirect profit from Facebook mainly comes from the power of Facebook marketing, because Facebook is considered the first and foremost social networking site in the world, with nearly 2 billion users every month.

Let's start with a list of the most important ways to indirectly profit from Facebook:

1- Profit from Facebook by renting flyers to others : 

If you have a Facebook page with a large number of members, you can make it an ad tool for others by opening the door to accepting paid ads. Everyone who wants to create an ad can write for you and agree to the details and price of their ad on your page.

In this case, you can use the same page to announce that you agree to place other ads on it.
This method can also be implemented through groups, where you can create area-specific groups, and then rent flyers (for a fee).

2- Profit from Facebook through membership or commission marketing : 

In affiliate marketing, you can use Facebook's marketing capabilities to benefit others, and in return, you will receive commissions from the company or website you want to market.

There are offers, services, and products for almost every interest you can imagine. No matter what the topic of your page or group you deal with or talk about, there will always be services, products, or offers to match their content.

The great thing is that if you find a premium product that can be used for affiliate marketing, you can create a page specifically, and of course you can also use funded Facebook ads to get the highest profit.

3- Monetize Facebook by attracting visitors to your blog or website :

If you have writing skills and you are very interested in the topics covered on your Facebook page, and you have good information, you can create a blog or website and write articles like the posts you provide on the page, but adopt a more structured, professional and comprehensive approach.

In this case, you don't need to share the idea directly with the page members, but send it to your website or blog. Of course, there are many ways to earn from your website, and you can use one of them to make money.

It's worth noting here that you can also market your online store on Facebook, get more sales, then make more profits.

4- Profit from Facebook by marketing your business : 

If you have a private business and want to get more sales then more profits, there is no better way to market than Facebook. You can create a special page for a restaurant, for example, to display the displayed food menu.

You can also view the restaurant's most important functions, such as the level of cleanliness, the quality of the materials used, and the complexity of the service. Of course, you can use the funded ads here and target the geographic area your project covers.

5- Profit from Facebook by marketing yourself as a freelance journalist : 

If you are a freelancer and want to get more clients and then generate more profits, Facebook is the best way for you to promote yourself as a freelancer.

In fact, freelancing has recently become one of the great options for many young people because it is a way to achieve the freedom of time and life that every young person wants.

One of the main factors for FreeLancer's success is being famous in his area of ​​expertise, and of course social media sites, especially Facebook, are an excellent way for every Free Lancer to market their skills.

6- Earn money from Facebook by managing other people's pages : 

If you have experience managing Facebook pages, creating engaging posts, communicating with followers, etc. then Facebook monetization option is a good option for you.

Currently, no business owner can ignore the idea of ​​creating a Facebook page to represent their business, which of course creates a huge demand for Facebook page administrators.

By creating a Facebook page to express your marketing skills, you can attract many clients and make more profits (of course, you can manage multiple pages at the same time).


In this article, I tried to cover the idea of ​​benefiting from Facebook from several aspects, and to cover the most important methods of profit, directly or indirectly from Facebook.

But in reality, there are many other sub-methods, especially indirectly, depending on the marketing goals you want to achieve with Facebook.

I hope this article will inspire many young people to take advantage of this great power called Facebook.

I am very pleased to receive your message in the comments below. Meanwhile, you are also asked to share this article on social media and contribute to improving people's lives.

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