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Projects and ideas out of poverty an exclusive guide

 Projects and ideas out of poverty an exclusive guide

A friend of mine often discusses project ideas with me, he not only discusses his ideas, but also realizes them, because he has implemented 4 projects in a period of no more than 4 years.

The great thing about my friend this is that he never gives up, and his failure on previous projects hasn't stopped him from trying again.

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The interesting thing about this story is: When I talk to this friend, I always find that he has a great interest and extraordinary enthusiasm for the world of the enterprise, as if he had been born an entrepreneur, or his genetics with the characteristics of a businessman, he will never give in to the idea of ​​work and monthly salary.

I think you are like him, my friend (I was born a businessman)! This is the reason you go online to search for project ideas or project ideas, and fortunately, you have come to the right place, this is the largest, most comprehensive and most useful guide to project ideas in the world of the web on the Internet.

In this guide, you will actually find what you need and more information. It will put you on the right track in the project area. Not only can you find project ideas, but you can also find details and resources, and you can also find details and resources for creativity, marketing, growth, and success.

We will present the following points :

  • Business ideas are graded according to the scale, so even if you don't have the capital in the first place, you will find one that works for you.


  •   Project ideas categorized by type (production, service, agriculture, etc.).


  •  Project ideas are classified according to specific categories (youth projects, girls, productive families, etc.).


  •  Project ideas of a special nature (simple projects, exotic, seasonal, etc.).


  •  Tips and resources will help you choose your business idea on the right basis.


  •  Tips and resources to get started right.


  •  Tips and resources to help you promote your business.


  •  Tips and resources that can help you grow and succeed.

 Suggest project ideas according to size :

In order to find the right project idea for you, you must first determine the size of the project that you want to start. Do you want a large project with a large amount of money? Or do you want a simple project to preserve your daily life? There are, of course, many classifications between the two.

Below, we'll discuss various project ideas categorized by size, so everyone can get project ideas based on their own budget.

1. A great project idea : 

Large projects usually have millions of pounds in capital, even if the capital is not tens of millions of pounds, this is one of the most dangerous types of projects.

When a loss occurs, it is dangerous, but on the other hand, when it makes a profit, its profit is very attractive ... This is how the rich increase their wealth.

Here's a short list of great business ideas:

A / Series of gynecological and plastic surgery clinics project

Series of gynecological and plastic surgery clinics project

Plastic surgery and bariatric surgery have become very popular topics in recent times, and women have undergone many of these operations recently, so the likelihood of success of such projects is high.

B / A massive online store project

Have you heard about the acquisition of Souq. Do you want to have the opportunity to enter the field of e-commerce from the widest door? Will you get a mega project worth hundreds of millions of dollars? Then this project idea works for you.

A massive online store project

E-commerce has become a powerful business model, so if you have sufficient financial resources, you can invest millions or even billions of pounds. Undoubtedly, the great thing about this industry is that you can start with big projects or small projects.

When I wanted to come up with an idea of ​​a huge project that can be implemented online, I found that there is nothing better than studying the business model on which the three most powerful 

companies in the world have taken over the e-commerce market: Market - Amazon - Alibaba - Ebay - Jumia - then Noon recently entered the Egyptian market. .

2. Idea for a medium sized project

Here's a short list of medium business ideas:

A / Handmade carpet factory project

The carpet industry is a very profitable industry through which it can make huge profits, and some countries are famous for making carpets, and factory owners can rely only on exports and open markets in other countries.

Handmade carpet factory project

B / Formal women's wear boutique project

Formal women's clothing is a commodity that does not have much business in the market, yes, there is probably not a high demand for it, but the competition is also weak, so you can count on selling formal women's clothing to create a profitable medium-sized business.

Formal women's wear boutique project

3. Small Business Ideas :

Small business is a great opportunity for many people to easily enter the field of entrepreneurship without the need for big capital. You can start a small business as the seed for a huge future project, but at the same time you cannot afford to fail in a way that is high risk.

Here's a short list of small business ideas :

A / Accident car repair and resale project :

This is one of our ready-made small business ideas, which you can use to generate lots of profit.

The idea is just to specialize in buying crash cars, which are very cheap (regardless of make and model). After purchase, you will repair and resell the car.

Note: This idea requires experience and know-how in the field, whether at the commercial level or at the level of technical skill.

Accident car repair and resale project

B / Print sketches on clothes and tools :

The idea of ​​printing on clothes and tools is a great idea for starting a small modern project ... But since this is a modern idea in my view it requires a modern and innovative person with a sense of aesthetic.

Realistically, this idea is not a completely new concept, but the new job you need to do here is to show it in the form of innovative modern clothing to create your own consumer market.

4. Use a small amount of money for project ideas 

If you want a good business idea, but don't have a lot of capital, this part is perfect for you. In this part, we will discuss project ideas and, given their small capital, they are arguably projects that you can start with at the lowest cost.

Here is a short list of small business ideas:

A / mobile ice cream truck project and fresh juice :

The mobile food and drink truck project is one of the most popular project ideas among young people recently, as it requires a bold young man who has the energy, but does not have the money to start an expensive project.

mobile ice cream truck project and fresh juice

B / A small shop specializing in children’s shoes :

Children's shoes are an important product and there aren't many specialized stores, so specialization here will be the key to the success of your project.

A small shop specializing in children’s shoes

5. Ideas for unfunded projects :

Can the project be implemented without funding? The answer is yes, and this is what we will cover in this part of this article. Projects without capital are projects that depend mainly on effort, and usually do not require capital or just some minor outlay that cannot be called capital.

Here's a short list of business ideas without capital:

A / Project for raising pets :

I have a story that my daughter told her several times and insisted that she keep a dog, but every time she refused, in my opinion, it was because "travel or in any situation that hinders our care, where do we put this animal."

Project for raising pets

Such a project would solve the problems of many people like me who have pets and want someone to take care of them.

B / Company project to organize weddings and other parties

In order to prepare for the wedding night, the newlyweds have to accomplish many tasks (choosing clothes, cakes, decorations, banquet halls, songs, etc.).

Company project to organize weddings and other parties

If you have the power to organize all these things for newlyweds and have successful parties, you have the seeds of a very profitable venture that can make money without capital ... just your effort!

Now that we've completed the first part of the article, this part is about size-coded project ideas, so let's move on to the next part :

2. Project ideas according to the type of project :

In this part, I will put project ideas categorized by type of project (production, agriculture, business, etc.) in your hand.

1. A productive project idea :

These elements mainly depend on manufacturing or producing something and then selling it to the public, and here we must note that this manufacturing or production includes every change made to something, regardless of how simple the change is.

Just as the items that depend on converting raw materials into products are production items, so the items that only fill in the final products and then sell them are also production items.

Here's a short list of ideas for productive projects:

A / a project to manufacture mobile restaurant cars :

a project to manufacture mobile restaurant cars

As we mentioned previously, mobile food and drink carts will work in the market for the owners of such projects and provide them with the tools they need to start the project, and you can also provide them with everything necessary to prepare the cart to work.

B / The project of making gifts and advertising bags with wide cloth :

The project of making gifts and advertising bags with wide cloth

Many shops are starting to use wide cloth bags instead of plastic bags, so it will be profitable to produce this type of bags because the market is very keen on them.

2. Business ideas :

These elements depend mainly on obtaining large returns and profits by buying and selling products (without making any changes to them), and obtaining profits through the difference between the buying and selling prices.

Here's a short list of business ideas:

A / Trade project in healthy cooking utensils :

Healthy cookware is one of the most sought after products, and over time, the demand for it is also increasing. With a TV cooking program, even if it's simple, every housewife wants healthy cookware, so this is an excellent business idea.

B / Trade project in gold-plated copper accessories :

Nowadays, gold-plated products are very popular, and many girls prefer them, so the implementation of this business philosophy will have a great chance of success, but here special attention must be paid to the marketing part.

3. Ideas for service projects

These projects depend on earning money to provide services to others for profit, and the concept of service here has no end, especially in the age in which we live, people are looking for more services to facilitate their lives, develop them and save their time.

Here is a short list of service business ideas:

A / Children's Ballet Academy project :

You must choose an upscale residential complex to implement this project, and you must find a trainer at the highest level. It is also important to pay attention to the educational and publicity aspects of ballet.

B / Smartphone application marketing company project :

Many people have become interested in the technological world, and many of them have smartphone applications, but marketing problems are still one of the most important problems facing app owners.

4. Agricultural project ideas :

The agricultural sector is one of the most oppressive projects in the countries, so there is currently no demand for agriculture, especially in the youth sector, but this does not compensate for the important fact that agricultural projects usually have great profitability and outperform all other types of projects.

Here is a short list of agricultural business ideas:

A / The project of growing nuts :

Nuts are one of the most valuable agricultural products, so planting walnut trees on the farm can be a very profitable venture, but you should hire an agronomist to tell you the correct location, time, and method for planting these trees.

B / Project for extracting bee venom

In the past, beekeeping was aimed at obtaining and selling honey for profit, but a new type of business related to bees emerged, which is the extraction and sale of toxins.

5. Online project ideas :

Online projects contain a new classification of the project world according to the types of projects. In fact, projects online is one of the types of projects that can generate huge profits, but projects online require some technical knowledge and creative skills. The most important thing is an understanding of the concept and determination to succeed and confident.

Here is a short list of online business ideas:

A / Online Yoga Academy project :

Yoga is a very popular sport in the countries lately, so if you can create a yoga academy online, that would be a good idea.

B / Draft code on tourism and travel :

There are several successful YouTubers who specialize in providing personalized content and experiences for travel and tourism. What if you entered this field through a blog, you can post text articles, videos, and tips through the blog.

3 - Project ideas based on their relevance to specific groups :

In this part of the article, we will deal with a set of project ideas that are classified according to their applicability to certain groups, for example, there are projects for girls, projects for youth ...

1. New project ideas for young people :

If you are still young and want to tweet outside of the trend, looking for new project ideas suitable for youth, and seeking to change and resist their stereotypes, this piece of content is perfect for you.

Here is a short list of new business ideas for young people:

A / Youth entertainment zone project : 

If you are a US resident and head to a playground, you will find multiple examples of this project. The place is designed to be suitable for playing entertainment games, and the entertainment games mainly use 3D vision technology.

B / The flower and coffee project :

Modern florists with special styles, such as coffee machines and espresso; For young people, this is an excellent example of a project for young people looking for new business ideas.

2. The girl project idea :

Let us first agree that we believe that women have the ability to succeed in all areas, as long as they have the requirements, we support them to enter the business world in all areas. But we cannot deny that certain types of projects are best for the girls in our society.

Here's a short list of business ideas for girls:

A / A project to produce and distribute cosmetic bags :

If you are a girl interested in the world of handbags, why not offer the beauty bags and sell them to your friends and family? You can make these bags yourself using a few simple tools, or you can buy the ready-made bags and resell them.

B / The project of making artistic masterpieces using rock salt :

Before a friend of mine spoke to me, I knew nothing about this product. After getting to know him, I am sure that this project is one of the best projects for girls, only in case there is a tactful girl behind it who can talk about the product convincingly.

3. Project ideas for productive families : 

If you are a housewife and are looking for some family-friendly ideas, and you and your family can participate in project work through these ideas, then this piece of content is just right for you.

Here is a short list of business ideas for productive families:

A / Kitchen projects and recipes on YouTube :

Hire one of your sons or daughters in photography, then hire another to edit videos, start your YouTube channel and monetize YouTube ads ... Why not?

B / Selling items for daily household needs :

Although this idea is traditional, it is a guarantee of success. If you do not have many competitor stores, this idea will be great and you will have a good financial return.

4- Project ideas of a special nature : 

In this part of the article, we will discuss a set of project ideas classified according to some special criteria, and many young people may search for these ideas.

1. Seasonal project ideas : 

If you have a shortage of supply at certain times of the year, or there are some part-time months of the year, this section is for you.

Here's a short list of seasonal business ideas:

A / Items that sell Christmas gifts :

From mid-November until the end of the year (only a month and a half a year), you will need to focus on this project in order to get excellent financial returns. Think outside the box, such as distributing to wholesalers or holding annual exhibitions in specific places to sell products wholesale to the public ... etc.

B / Selling holiday sweets and celebration tools (such as Mawlid sweets) :

Guacamole is one of the foods that is in high demand before the birthday of the Prophet, so you can make a huge profit by opening a seasonal item for sale (wholesale here is a good option as well).

2. A strange project idea :

If you want a crazy, strange, or different part from traditional project ideas, this part is very suitable for you. In this part, we will present a set of unconventional project ideas, suitable for every person's adventure and courage.

Here's a short list of weird business ideas:

A / place to break (release negative energy) : 

Yes, this idea is crazy but it will be a very successful business idea if it is properly marketed and presented in the market in an attractive way.

B / Old Play Store :

A lot of people like to collect old things so the idea here is not mainly for children, but for adults.

3. A simple project idea :

If you need simple project ideas that start with the fewest resources and don't require a lot of tidying up, this section is especially for you.

Here are some simple business ideas:

A / A project to produce yogurt and distribute it to a grocery store :

All it takes to start this project is to sign a contract with a dairy store and some high-quality plastic and yeast boxes to produce yoghurts with a unique taste and aroma.

B / The project of selling children's toys on the street :

How many times have you passed through the streets and found a vendor selling toys, surrounded by many customers who want to buy things for children? Are you ashamed to implement such ideas? My friend, there is nothing to be ashamed of, but standing in your place sooner cannot go forward.

4. Ideas for home projects :

Do you want to start a home business? Are you a housewife and want to start a business without leaving home? So this part is for both of you.

Here's a short list of home business ideas:

A / Memories printing project in Valmjat :

Printing on magazines is a hit because magazines are something everyone has. You can display this project by wearing new clothes by specially printing memories, which will attract more buyers.

B / The project of selling scented candles :

Making fragrant waxes in different colors is one of the simplest tasks that you can do at home with little cost and with simple tools.

About a year ago, my 7-year-old daughter asked me to do this project together. In fact, I introduced raw waxes, dyes, and scents from perfumes, then bought little decorative mugs, and made two of them together. It was a great experience but unfortunately due to lack of time we did not complete in this area. !

Advice that will help you grow and succeed :

This is the last part of our article today, in which we will provide some tips that will help you to succeed and thrive in your business in the long run.

1. Watch, analyze and learn :

Success is a series of steps that are taken correctly, but the truth is that the many steps taken usually put us in a slump or even a contraction. The only guarantee of correct action is through observation, analysis and learning.

Monitor your projects, measure results and learn from your mistakes - this will ensure your long-term success.

2. Seize the opportunity :

Opportunities in the competitive business world do not wait long, so you should seize them as soon as possible so that only you can seize them. Opportunities here may be expansion, entering new areas, expanding project headquarters, or any other opportunity .

Note : Opportunity here refers to the development that propels you forward, so you don't have to gamble to discover anything in front of you before you can be sure that the project can help you grow.

3. It can fail :

Failure is not as bad as many people think, it is just a wrong move, you can correct it or even reverse it and start over, so this is not an excuse to stop trying and return to a stable point.

Do you remember my friend’s story at the beginning of the article? Yes, persistence is your only requirement in the face of failure, or you call it an unsuccessful attempt.

Yes, I know this article is so creamy, I think it will be good for you, which is why I made it so creamy.

Finally, I wish you all the best. I have a very small request, don't let this article stop for you ... at least send it to friends who you think need it.

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