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The United States has more than 19 million cases of corona

 The United States has more than 19 million cases of corona

Washington: Since the data released by Johns Hopkins University, the number of people infected with Covid-19 in the United States since the outbreak of the epidemic has exceeded the 19 million mark, which means that the country has set another record in less than a week. 1 million cases .

The university's data is a reference material for tracking the Covid-19 epidemic, indicating that as of 20:30 Sunday (01:30 GMT Monday), the United States is the largest country in the world in terms of the number of viral infections and deaths. 19107675 cases were recorded.

The ,United ,States ,has ,more ,than ,19 ,million ,cases, of ,corona

Just six days ago, the US crossed the 18 million mark. The country also calculated 333069 deaths resulting from the epidemic.

After several days of rejection, outgoing US President Donald Trump signed a new $ 900 billion economic stimulus plan to provide subsidies to families and small businesses affected by Covid-19.

The head of infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci warned on Sunday that the worst COVID-19 epidemic has yet to happen and that with the increase in holiday travel, it could put the country at a "critical stage".

An expert consultant to a Crisis Cell member appointed by President Donald Trump after the outbreak of Covid-19: "I have been sharing President-elect Biden's concerns. That the situation is getting worse in the next few weeks."

However, when the nationwide vaccination campaign began, and was designated for the first time for frontline health workers and workers in long-term care facilities, Americans gave a ray of hope.

However, the size of the initial vaccination does not fulfill the federal government's commitments and promises. In order to increase Americans' confidence in the vaccine, President-elect Biden, 78, took the vaccine and broadcast the first batch of Pfizer's electronic vaccine against Covid-19 directly in front of television cameras.

Biden, was, far ,from, receiving ,the ,injection

"I did this to show people that they should be ready to accept the vaccine when it is available. Don't worry," Biden said shortly after receiving the injection.

Outgoing Vice President Donald Trump Mike Pence received a vaccine against Covid-19, as did many congressional officials.

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