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Facebook prohibits a famous phrase on its platform

 Facebook prohibits a famous phrase on its platform

The debate over the US elections and the post-election situation on social media appears to continue
Especially after the outgoing US President Donald Trump was prevented from accessing his accounts on many social media sites. Especially on Facebook and Twitter.


The social networking site Facebook announced that it had banned the use of a well-known Facebook phrase after US President Donald Trump lost the presidential election to his rival, Joe Biden in November of last year.

 It has become so common that this is the term "stop the steal" by supporters of US President Donald Trump. And they claimed that their democratic opponents stole the American elections,

This caused a lot of controversy and even confrontation in the American arena recently.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms have implemented temporary and long-term measures at the expense of the US President

Because of these allegations by Donald Trump and his supporters of stealing the elections, widespread demonstrations and protests erupted in America, and a group of extremists stormed and sabotaged the Congress.

The US Judicial Council denied allegations of election theft, and there is even a high possibility of impeachment of President Donald Trump

 And his trial by the Senate for fueling discord, dividing the country, and endangering people's lives.

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