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Bitcoin price

  Bitcoin price

In a few hours! Bitcoin price exceeds $ 31,000

According to data from the Coindesk portal, this Saturday Bitcoin set the price of the missile at $ 31,000 within a few hours.

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In the past 24 hours, the maximum cryptocurrency value was $ 32,933.46 at 13:14 GMT, an increase of nearly 6.9% since the conference opened.

Due to the massive demand and interest at the institutional and retail level, the cryptocurrency started this year at the highest level. In December of last year alone, the number of cases increased by 50%, which could mean the monthly increase since 2019 is greater.

Bitcoin grew more than 290% from the previous year, and it grew 43% in December last year, the best month since May 2019.

The potential of this cryptocurrency generates quick profits and has the same expectations that traditional payment methods can meet investor demand.

This Bitcoin cryptocurrency broke its previous peak and increased its value four times this year. When the US company PayPal launched its buy, sell and pay services for the aforementioned currencies, the prices of the major global cryptocurrencies began to rise at the end of October 2020.

It must be remembered that Bitcoin has nothing to do with any national assets or economy, it was created by an anonymous network

 in 2008. However, its high and low value fluctuate. In 2017, it started at just under $ 1,000, and it rose between November and December of that year. During 2018, it's down again, coming in over $ 3,000.

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