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Iowa State football

 Iowa State football 

Raise the Celebration Cup 2021 to Hurricane Iowa .

The rugby team stated on Saturday that it belongs to the loose climates of the college football system.

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After the ups and downs of recent years, hurricanes finally defeated a branded opponent in the biggest pot game in school history.

If Saturday's 34-17 win in the Oregon Fiesta Ball proves it all, Matt Campbell's performance deserves recognition

Campbell hopes Saturday's four-game Pac 12 will succeed, another step on the ladder to success.

Saturday is the last college game that Charlie Kolar will participate in, and Iowa is talented, the Hurricanes have enough warriors to be good players next season, or even better.

This is the powerful functionality of the software both on and off site. Iowa is managing the coronavirus epidemic, better than any team in the United States.

No problems and no outbreaks of the virus. There are no lost matches in the table.

After losing two points to Washington State University at the 2018 Alamo Bowl and a tragic blow to Notre Dame at the Camping World Bowl in 2019, it was time for Campbell's plan to jump high.

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In the last 15 ball games it is time to win the main opponent of the most popular school game and beat the playoffs.

This is what happened at State Farm, in front of the families of the players, in front of the families of the players and the workers. Say what you want about Oregon playing only 6 games

 but the Ducks just five years ago played against Ohio State in the College Football Playoff national championship game.

Therefore, it is very important that you score 1-0 on six bowls in the New Year. This is a big problem for a legal competitor who has gone from the ruins of the Big 12 to a title.

"Iowa didn't have a strong plan like Oregon and all the other teams, which is great for us," said midfielder Brooke Boddy who was the best player in the match. "We tried to do something for the first time in school history. This is clearly the best pot game in school history.

"I feel we need to take the next step and become a program like all the other teams we've encountered throughout our career."

Iowa has proven itself able to conquer 12 giants in Oklahoma and Texas. Until Saturday, the Hurricanes proved to be a big game outside the convention familiarity bubble.

And he scored a convincing victory, achieving the second nine victories of the modern school season.

Hall rushed for 136 yards and completed the sport at 1,572 yards, the third season in the school's history.

Purdy was marvelous, both passing and running. With the help of the Stadium Finals, a damaged Hurricane streak defeated the defensive finish of Kaifang Tibo in Oregon. Hurricanes players and coaches originally thought this was the best defensive line they had faced this season.

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