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Jeffree Star denies the Kanye West rumors

 Jeffree Star denies the Kanye West rumors

Jeffree Star wants to clarify this: The rumors affiliated with Kanye West are completely false rumors.

Earlier this week, some media reported that GOOD Music boss and Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after six years of marriage.

 Some sources claimed that Kim Jong Il's "last straw" was the 2020 Kanye presidential election, but other sources believed there were many other stories.

And they began publishing Kanye and Starr Tricking Starr into Kim's theory.

Jeffree Star,denies the Kanye West rumors

According to reports, the rumors were started by TikTok user Ava Louise, who became famous for participating in the Corona 2020 challenge, prompting users to take pictures of themselves licking the toilet during the pandemic.

 TikTok user Patty Eminger later posted a video listing all the compelling reasons for the Kanye West-Jeffree Star  rumors.

 The list includes Jeffree Star  moving to Wyoming, and Kanye West also lives in Wyoming, and unconfirmed reports that Kim Jong Il provided her lawyer with "evidence" of Kanye West  betrayal.

When Jeffree Star posted a picture of him standing outside of Wyoming on Twitter, rumors prevailed, as he was holding a chicken and shaking the shade.

If you take a closer look at Star Sunglasses, you will see the personal reflection in the background.

Lots of people quickly concluded that this person was Kanye West. why? Well, Jeffree Star also captioned the post with the word "Get ready for last Sunday,"

 Which clearly indicates the pop-up window of the Yi Church chain.

On Wednesday, Jeffree Star  posted a video on YouTube titled "Resolving Kanye West Case" and insisted the rumors were untrue .

"I'm single. I don't sleep with anyone," said Jeffree Star . “I love men who are tall. Kanye West and I didn't go out to play, everything is really interesting.

 How did we do that at this moment? How? It might be fake? Because we are in the same condition?


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