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Megan Denise exposes her ex-fiancé Von Miller

 Megan Denise exposes her ex-fiancé Von Miller

Megan Denise reveals her ex-boyfriend Von Miller on Instagram "He asked her for an abortion and told her he didn't want their unborn baby"

Megan Denise,exposes her ex-fiancé,Von Miller

Denver Broncos von Miller has been dating model Megan Denise since 2018. The two first met at the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles,

Their relationship on social media has been very open ever since .

However, this relationship appears to have deteriorated, and it now appears that engaged Megan Denise and Von Miller have recently split up.

Now, she calls out Megan Denis Von Miller on her Instagram story after he allegedly sent a number of spam messages to her, and also revealed that she is pregnant with his baby!


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