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Nicki Minaj posts a picture of her son's face months after his birth

 Nicki Minaj posts a picture of her son's face months after his birth

On July 20, Nicki Minaj surprised millions of fans by posting a series of pictures that appeared on her stomach on her Instagram account. I wrote in the comments on these photos: "Love, marriage, pregnancy. Premium excitement and appreciation. Thank you for your kindness."

 These images caused a sensation in social networks. A good way to announce the artist's first pregnancy at the age of 37. Nicki Minaj, who has been married to Kenneth Beatty (Kenneth Beatty) since October 2019, has chosen to retire and dedicate herself to her family.

 So it was only natural for the singer to decide to leave her arms naturally and calm down her pregnancy.

Nicki Minaj,posts a picture,  son's face months after his birth

On Wednesday, September 30, TMZ officially released the good news: Nicki Minaj first child was born! Since then, the father or mother did not want to reveal the child's name or gender, or even share his beautiful face on social networks

But this is the old thing. On the occasion of the New Year, Nicki Minaj pissed off again on Instagram, no longer posting pictures, but she posted amazing pictures of her son, whom she called "Daddy Bear".


 Nicki Minaj commented, "Thank you so much for choosing me as a mom." In order to keep getting fans' attention: “In (...)

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