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Steve Sarkisian is a new head coach

 Steve Sarkisian is a new head coach

Texas didn't wait long to hire Thomas Herman replacement, as Longhorns announced Saturday that it had agreed to a deal with Alabama attack coordinator Steve Sarkisian .

Steve Sarkisian,new head coach,

Longhorns announced that five hours after the school unexpectedly announced that they had fired Hermann. Who defeated Texas 32-18 in four seasons in Texas, which capped the season 7-3. On Tuesday she defeated Valero Alamo Bowl of Colorado.

Steve Sarkisian , FBS's Broyles Award Winner for Best Assistant, said he will coach Alabama Nick Saban and go on to finish first in Crimson Tide in the AT&T National College Football Championship.

Steve Sarkisian said he would prepare for the championship match and try to form a coaching staff in Texas and meet players separately. He said he's had a team meeting before and met Longhorns staff.

"This is a very attractive opportunity to take this legendary project to a new level and compete again in the best college football game," said Steve Sarkisian .

Steve Sarkisian said he believed Texas had "heroic talents," but admitted that "clearly there is still a lot of work to do."

Steve Sarkisian said, "We all want Texas to come back strongly. We all think Texas should come back because it's the best." "That is why I assumed the position, and that is why I took this job. But the truth is that we must work hard. Then, when you finish your job, you will get the results you want."

Steve Sarkisian made $ 2.5 million on Crimson Tide's Saban crew last month, declined an interview with Auburn last month and turned down his job in Colorado last year.

Since Longhorns promoted Ed Price to the position in 1951, he was the first assistant coach appointed by Texas.

Texas did not immediately reveal the details of the Saxony agreement. Longhorns would owe Herman about $ 15 million in the last three years of the decade. Longhorns will owe another $ 10 million to purchase the remaining contracts for its aides, which include multi-year contracts.

University President Jay Hazel said: "The employment of Steve Sarkisian is an important investment in the future of our football plan, not only for our student-athletes, but also for the entire country of Langhorn.

" Our entire community will benefit from a successful and healthy sports program and Steve Sarkisian will assign us a coach to provide the soccer program with the guidance and experience needed to achieve greater success. "

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