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The 25th Amendment to remove Trump

 The 25th Amendment to remove Trump

25th Amendment to remove Trump The vice president would need more than half of the cabinet's support, then two-thirds of the approval of both houses of Congress to do so.

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After the violent riots in the US Capitol building, where supporters of President Donald Trump participated,

Some politicians have called for the outgoing president to be removed. Others called on Vice President Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

Can the vice president demand the twenty-fifth amendment to remove the president from power ?

Yes, but that requires half of the presidential government’s approval. Then, if the president challenges impeachment, he needs the approval of the House and Senate.

The 25th Amendment

In the text of Amendment No. 25, it is evident that there are two ways to invoke Amendment No. 25:

 At the request of the President or through actions taken by the Vice President and the Council of Ministers.

It states: “When the majority of the principal officials of the executive branch or any other agency provided for by the Vice President and Congress mean that when he declares the Provisional President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives

In writing that the president cannot exercise his duties and powers, the vice president will act as agent immediately. Powers and duties of the presidency. ”As the acting president

Basically, this means that Vice President Trump and more than half of the president's cabinet must agree to remove President Trump from power and promote the vice president to the position of acting president.
Next, they have to file a notification to Congress, after which the vice president is in charge.

What if President Trump appealed the decision

President Trump can appeal the accusation and challenge his impeachment. The appeal is submitted to Congress for a vote on it within several weeks.

Two-thirds of the House must approve President Trump's impeachment before the vice president can continue serving as acting president after Trump is impeached.

According to the US Congressional Research Office, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment has been applied only three times in US history.

 And each time it was presented at the request of the president.

In 1985, President Reagan appointed George HW Bush as acting chief in a letter prior to anesthesia.

 The Reagan letter did not specifically mention the name of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment.

President George W. Bush briefly relinquished his presidency in 2002 and 2007 and underwent routine colonoscopy.

Which also requires sedatives. However, Bush returned to the presidential palace two hours later. Bush explicitly proposed the Twenty-Fifth Amendment twice .

No vice president has passed the 25th amendment to force the president to step down.

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