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The officer who shot Jacob Blake will not face charges

 The officer who shot Jacob Blake will not face charges

Kenosha County Prosecutor Michael Graveli said Rusten Sheskey will not face trial for the shooting of Jacob Blake.

The officer who shot ,Jacob Blake, will not face charges,Michael ,GraveliRastan ,Cesky,

"My decision now is that no law enforcement officer in Kenosha will be charged with any crime based on facts and law," Graveli said on Tuesday.

And while the news was announced on Tuesday, anger continued across the country over the repeated killings of blacks by the police.

In the summer of 2020, protests - some of which turned violent - demanded police reform and an end to police brutality, most recently the recent killing of George Floyd and Briona Taylor and Jacob Blake .

Graveley announced that the other two police officers involved in the accident would have no charges against them

The Wisconsin Department of Justice identified them as officers of Vincent Arenas and Brittany Meronik in September.

The Kenosha Police Department wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening that all the police officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake were still on administrative leave.

 Rusten Sheskey told investigators that he used lethal force during the chaotic confrontation because Jacob Blake tries to kidnap a child in the back seat of a car while trying to escape from the scene.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice stated that Jacob Blake was carrying a knife and the weapon was found on the floor of his car. Griffley said Jacob Blake himself told the authorities he was carrying a knife.

"When Jacob Blake was actively fighting Blake, he armed himself with a knife," said Grafley. He also said that he heard supporters of Blake say he had no weapons. In this confrontation

 All the discussion that he is unarmed contradicts even what Jacob Blake himself has said several times.

Lawyers for the Jacob Blake family 

Lawyers for the Jacob Blake family questioned whether Jacob Blake was a threat.

"There is nothing in the video that would allow any officer officer to say that he was injured at that very moment," lawyer Bevori Lamar said at a press conference after a while.

 I think it's totally fake, and I think it's just an attempt to prove its credibility. An excuse for the appearance "It is a far cry from the" intentional act "announced by Graveli on Tuesday.

"We believe that this decision has failed not only Jacob Blake and his family, but also the societies that protest and demand justice," the statement said.

Officer Rusten Sheskey's actions sparked outrage and support across the country, but the Attorney General's decision not to charge the officials who shot Jacob Blake in the back repeatedly,

They paralyzed it, and further undermined our confidence in the judicial system. This sends the wrong message. ”To the police across the country.”

Father of Jacob Blake

On Monday, Jacob Blake's father, Jacob Blake Sr., asked that charges be brought against the officer, while Kenosha urged "to stand up and make some noise."

"Let us hear the voice of the whole world. We will not stay in Kenosha. We are going to the capital. We will go to Nancy Pelosi's office."

 We'll go to anyone in charge of the Senate. Because this requires the opinion of the federal government. Not only for my son, but also for the federal government.

 Everyone has suffered from police brutality - everyone. "

Justin Blake, Jacob Blake's uncle, has stated that his nephew is recovering from the accident and becoming our "new hero".
Justin Blake said, “He takes this way of thinking,

He does everything he can to heal, passion, if someone can walk again one day, he will be my nephew ''

Governor Evers: I wish Jacob Blake safety and justice

Governor Tony Evers released a statement on Tuesday saying that Jacob Blake's life had changed forever and that his children had been traumatized, saying "no child can bear it."

Today’s decision proves once again that our work is incomplete - we must work every day to build a more just, equal and equitable state and nation,

To combat the racism that plagues blacks in Wisconsin. ”“ I hope that Jacob Blake, his family and the entire Kenosha community can enjoy peace and justice. ”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Cole said criminal justice reform is "urgently needed".

"Wisconsin should adopt a statewide standard for the use of force," Cole said in a statement.

 Which states that the main duty of officers is to save lives and that officers should use methods to avoid force. "

 Their bodies must be worn by law enforcement personnel on patrol. camera.

Kewell's statement was released two months after the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors approved funding for the body camera.

Carl Takey, senior staff attorney at the ACLU's Tron Center for Justice and Equality, said:

 Tuesday's ruling "emphasized how the criminal legal system, from police to prosecutors, is suppressing and harming blacks."

"Although impeachment might lead to some kind of an appearance of justice, the real justice should have been the shooting of Jacob Blake," Taki said.

Wisconsin National Guard rally

Before making any decision, Kenosha officials prepared for potential unrest, and as soon as this was announced, City Council would grant Mayor John Antaramian emergency powers.

Evers also announced on Monday that he would round up 500 National Guardsmen at the request of local officials before the decision.

"Our National Guard personnel will provide support to local first responders at any time to ensure that Kinochan can be assembled safely and critical infrastructure is protected when necessary," Evers said in the statement.

"I think it's necessary, but I don't like the feeling it's necessary," Ross said.

"I mean, they have 500 soldiers here. They have the police department and the municipality department, and other agencies. But our assumption that we will shoot the bombs is wrong."

Activist Von Miss said Kenosha's preventive measures were painful.

The officials wrote: “What we know is that regardless of the decision, people will have different opinions and strong feelings about it. This is everyone’s right. Whether you agree or disagree, we ask you to make peace. Express your opinions in a legal way.”

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