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Zoom launched more than 400 cool features

 Zoom launched more than 400 cool features

Zoom Video Communications released more than 400 features and announced many new features in 2020 to better meet users' communication needs to complete business,

 Continuing education when schools close, seeking care through telemedicine, marriage or contact with family and friends.

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Application additions Zoom Video Communications featured

  • Zoom apps announced, which will bring the best apps directly into the Zoom experience for use before, during and after meetings, enabling seamless collaboration, meeting management and increased engagement.
  • "Zoom for Home" enables remote workers to equip their workplace at home with devices that can seamlessly communicate and collaborate on Zoom.
  • OnZoom, a virtual event marketplace, aims to host, discover and participate in immersive online experiences
  • Zoom 5.0, with 256-bit AES-GCM encryption for all meetings and other advanced security enhancements and moderator controls
  • End-to-end encryption, enabling users to host meetings, and no one except every participant (even the Zoom server) can access the encryption key used to encrypt the meeting
The last two points are the key to another high-priority "Zoom" focus area: Security. With the rapid growth in global use,

Zoom has invested all engineering resources to improve the safety of all users.

Production and engineering teams focus on security improvements, such as adding security codes for full conference control, "user report" functionality, and more improved data forwarding options.

Important updates to the Zoom product suite

Zoom added many new features and plug-ins to its basic video communications solution to help users seamlessly communicate and collaborate
Through video during these experimental times.

 Some of the notable features include highlighting and multiple fixation of video feeds, management of co-host functions in break rooms, the ability to use slide shows as the default background, and HD music modes and filters.

 These features allow users to create a more intuitive and engaging meeting experience. Meet the security controls, new security settings section, and central controls enable secure, large-scale meetings.

These jobs open new ways of meeting and communicating in the classroom, the entire organization, and the medical institutions.

Educators can create a more comprehensive virtual learning experience and improve the quality of music courses,

Whereas companies like Capital One are counting on Zoom to quickly transition to a new way to work from home.

As the world revolves around work, distance learning and blended learning,

The workspace in Zoom Rooms has featured various shapes and sizes. In addition to the "Home Zoom" and "Device Extension" products, "Zoom" also introduces "Device as a Service" and adds more sharing features,

 Including the ability to see 49 video participants in gallery view and "Zoom" the room is for a "breakout room".

Important new Zoom features to make it easier to return to the office

Zoom Video Seminar

For event organizers who need to put their personal events online in 2020,

The webinar platform has become an indispensable tool, allowing them to manage large audiences more effectively.

 Zoom added an original post-symposium gallery view, surveys, improved scheduling options, and several Q&A features to improve audience engagement.

Many of these features are useful for organizations that use Zoom Video webinars to hold virtual events large and small - from NBA and WNBA to Zoomtopia's Zoom user conferences.

Zoom Chat

With the Zoom Meetings license, Zoom Chat is free and allows users to send instant messages to groups or individuals inside and outside the organization.

 This simplifies collaboration in the workspace. Zoom has added many useful features to our Zoom Chat solution for fast and efficient communication,

 Including the ability to record voice messages on the desktop, fix important messages, and share files from various sources such as SharePoint.

 Through centralized channel management, control of outside participants, and permanent removal of contacts,

 This also makes the admin task very easy - all these operations can be done from the administration portal.

Zoom App Marketplace

Along with Zoom App Marketplace, this is the main source for discovering top apps, which can work seamlessly with Zoom, 1000+ apps and robots.

Provides integrations for popular applications including scheduling, chatting, marketing operations, and project management

Customer Relationship Management, Sales Analysis, Support, Customer Service, Education, Finance, Healthcare, and other use cases.

Zoom Video SDK

The new video software development kit (SDK) enables developers to create powerful desktop and mobile apps with a fully customizable user interface on top of the Zoom platform.

 With access to raw video and audio data and other essential interactive zoom features

, Developers can create amazing experiences for different use cases, including peer-to-peer chat apps, or use live broadcasts and screen sharing.

Other zoom improvements and news

Zoom has made several upgrades across the platform to improve features and improve reliability.

 This includes increasing the number of shared data centers worldwide to 19, and issuing enhanced Business Partner Agreements for our clients with the Zoom Healthcare (BAA) license.

Zoom for Government is a FedRAMP certified platform that has helped many federal, state and local agencies,

In addition to the integration of the federal system and contractors, supporting continuity of operation and effectiveness of the mission during the epidemic

 And to introduce them in the present and future in the journey of modernizing information technology.

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